How do I get a member signboard for my home?

A member signboard is available for purchase by anyone who donates on a regular monthly or annual basis. Please email your name, address and contact number to [email protected] to order your board, or get in touch via the contact page. Boards are ordered by request and once received we will install it with you. The

Who manages the operational side of CBCSI?

As of April 2020, CBCSI moved it’s infrastructure and operations to Community Crime Prevention‘s (CCP) management. This has allowed us to create a single integrated, state-of-the-art provider from Clifton all the way to Hout Bay, although each community remains separate financially and is self-sustaining. CCP operate and manage our control room (WatchCon) and provide us with strategic, operational

I contribute to my street security scheme, am I a member of CBCSI?

You are only a member of CBCSI if you contribute R395 per month (R4740 annually)directly to the Trust (please enquire as to the latest rate as this may change). Some areas have additional security schemes, such as guards who patrol, but these are funded separately from CBCSI. They do, however, rely on the structure of

What is Camps Bay Watch?

Camps Bay Watch (CBW) is a neighbourhood watch program, where ordinary residents, after receiving basic training, patrol the suburb after dark to provide “feet on the ground” and “eyes and ears”. The purpose is to report any matter of concern, whether of major or minor importance, and to act as a general deterrent. On occasion

Financial Information, Governance and decision making

The Trust is audited by Nolands Inc. Financial statements of the Trust are available on request from Mark Myerson (Trustee) at [email protected]. Decisions of the Trust are made through regular trustee meetings and close workings with our Operational Command and other stakeholders. Cameras, radios, equipment, IT infrastructure and WachCon add up to a hefty capital investment.

What would CBCSI do with more paying members?

There are many important things CBCSI still needs to do. Some of these include: Adding additional TAC vehicles and providing better localized coverage for crime hotspots. Increasing the strategic placement of cameras in high risk areas. Increasing the frequency of education and awareness to residents. Improving our member services, technology and communication. Specific fund raising

Are donations tax deductible and receive a S18A Certificate?

Yes. CBCSI operates through The Camps Bay and Clifton Safe Community Trust (Reg No: IT2937/2010). The Trust is a non-profit PBO (a Public Benefit Organization), which means that all its income is applied towards the objectives of securing the Community. The Trust is governed by a trust deed that covers things like how decisions are

How do I benefit directly from CBCSI?

Some of the benefits of CBCSI accrue to the whole community, even those who don’t pay. You may therefore ask, “Why should I bother to pay”? We hope we’ve made a good case for the essential value of CBCSI, the moral imperative to contribute, the principle of fairness and the support of your community, but here are

Do I need armed response and CBCSI?

CBCSI is complementary to armed response. Both are essential for a safe community. Without either, a community in South Africa, particularly an affluent one, quickly becomes unsafe. We support and work closely with ADT and Bay Response. Having a community security presence and having armed response linked to an alarm signal is best practice in

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