Who are the Blue Team

How did we get involved with the project?

  • Peter Cookson, from the department of social development (DSD), notified us of a community upliftment project in Camps Bay whereby DSD has partnered up with CBCSI and CwC to provide candidates for this initiative.
  • Some of us who are not residing in the shelter, but have been parking cars in Camps Bay for several years, were approached by CBCSI to take part in the Community Steward Project.
  • We all went through a series of interviews with CBCSI and needed to produce compliance documents for us to have a SnapScan account.
  • We all have been vetted by the Camps Bay police station.
  • We have accepted to follow the rules and code of conduct that governs the project.

What we do

To assist drivers with parking their vehicles and leaving their parking bay safely.

To help keep the area in which they work clean by picking up litter.

To report any sort of suspicious person or vehicle to the CBCSI control room

To assist members of the public with any reasonable request in line with their code of conduct

What are the objectives of the Community Steward Project?

  • To provide work opportunities for displaced people living in the Safe Space shelter, and an opportunity for local parking attendants to be a part of a community upliftment project.

  • The Community Stewards solely rely on earning monetary tips/donations from members of the public for their services rendered to the community. By redirecting monetary tips/donations to the Community Stewards, we are hopeful to see unwanted parking attendants move out of the area due to their minimal earning potential.
  • To provide an opportunity for local businesses and residents by getting involved with the community upliftment project that is for the greater good of Camps Bay.

How to support the Blue Team

Tipping your Blue Team

Safe & Easy

All Blue Team Members have been provided with a blue vest with our logo printed on it. They also have an ID and a SnapScan code for tips.

Member Signboards

purchase your board

Purchase your member signboard and a portion of the cost will be allocated to community upliftment projects. Email [email protected]

Voluntary Donation

Increase your donation

Voluntarily increase your monthly or annual donation so that this amount is allocated to community upliftment projects. Email [email protected]