Support our Team in Blue

CBCSI, together with the Camps Bay Community Police Forum, Community Who Cares and the Camps Bay Police Service have rolled out our “Blue Team” community upliftment project in October 2020.

This project predominantly helps to provide work opportunities for displaced people who live in shelters, while also having a positive impact on safety in our community.

  • All candidates have been vetted by SAPS
  • Each candidate is provided with an ID and a vest with a unique number on the back. Should any members of the public have a comment or compliment about an individual steward, they can contact [email protected] and easily identify the person using this unique number.

  • All candidates have been provided with a SnapScan account and all tips go directly to the individual
  • Candidates are not employed by CBCSI, but we manage their presence in the area to ensure they will provide polite and friendly assistance

  • Blue Team members have been briefed on how to report suspicious activity to the correct authorities

  • Community Stewards are not security personnel and are not trained to perform a security role, instead they provide eyes and ears on the streets to deter crime and provide early warning to the authorities when suspicious persons or activity is present.

How to support the Blue Team

Tipping your Blue Team

Safe & Easy

All Blue Team Members have been provided with a blue vest with our logo printed on it. They also have an ID and a SnapScan code for tips.

Member Signboards

purchase your board

Purchase your member signboard and a portion of the cost will be allocated to community upliftment projects. Email [email protected]

Voluntary Donation

Increase your donation

Voluntarily increase your monthly or annual donation so that this amount is allocated to community upliftment projects. Email [email protected]

Community Stewards Code of Conduct

1. I will always wear and equip myself with the appropriate uniform – reflective vest, face mask, code of conduct, ID card and SnapScan barcode.

2. I will not use drugs or alcohol whilst on duty

3. I will carry out my duties with the best of interests towards CBCSI, CwC, CPF, and I will represent them in a good light.

4. I am appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of the Blue Team project and I will always be courteous, professional, and respectful towards all members of the public.

5. I will not intimidate or harass any member of the public.

6. I will assist the community and police against lawlessness and crime.

7. I will not make members of the public feel uncomfortable by exerting pressure to receive money, food, or any other personal belongings.