We are your Community Safety

Even if one builds a fortress, one still has to come and go from public space, and your security at home cannot transcend the security of the community in which it exists.

No one wants to feel unsafe outside of their home. Armed response doesn’t deal with this. The Camps Bay Community Safety Initiative does.

You are never as safe in your home as you think you are. Having the extra capability of CBCSI in our community is not only comforting, but is essential.

Armed response is not sufficient in an emergency. The one-guy-in-a-car needs a backup, assuming he arrives on time and everything works as planned. Camps Bay Community Safety Initiative is there when it doesn’t.

All the services provided by CBCSI are designed to prevent crime; armed response is designed to counter crime when it is occurring. Most would agree that prevention is better than drama!

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We proactively increase Community Safety through a number of important resources

Control Room

CBCSI Control provides a central monitoring and contact point for all resources and community members

Response Vehicle

CBCSI Response is a vehicle with armed officers who can respond to incidents and support other responders such as SAPS

Radio Network

CBCSI operates and maintains the radio network which is an important resource to help with coordination of resources

Camera Projects

CBCSI facilitates the installation and monitoring of a network of LPR and CCTV cameras

Telegram Groups

CBCSI facilitates monitoring of local area Telegram Groups by our Control Room for additional support to residents

Buzzer App

CBCSI funds residents access to Buzzer App which provides a panic button on your phone linked to our Control Room


CBCSI employs a management team to proactively assess crime information and provide strategic planning to address it


CBCSI provides day-to-day administration of accounting, queries, communication with members and more

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